Saturday, January 22, 2011

Windows Phone 7 needs Zune player on PC

From the microsoft windows phone site
'The Zune software is the tool you need to sync your music, videos, and pictures between your computer and your phone. You also need it to get any updates. To learn more, see Sync files with my phone.'

Before I read the above I thought you could just browse the apps with your phone, download and install it? That might have been a tad too easy. No sir, when you are hanging from a mountain cliff in the Andes mountain range and you browse your phone to get an app that might come in quite handy, all you need to do is go home, boot up your pc, run the zune player, download the app, connect your phone to your pc, install the app and go back to your mountain cliff.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Windows Phone 7 - MSDN start page

Start to develop MSDN windows phone 7 developer
- Download Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW (webinstaller package 3 MB)
- Install on my existing VS 2010 (webinstaller downloads 356 MB and installs)

Windows Phone 7 - Mail Accounts

Gmail and Hotmail are quite easy to configure. A lot easier than on the iPhone. I had to set up a Gmail account for one of my customers on hist iPhone and it is quite technical. On Windows 7 all you need to provide are the email address and the password, then save it and you can start reading/writing your e-mails.
Setting up your Facebook account to use your friends as contacts in your phone 7: create the facebook account with email address and facebook password and you are ready to go.
So far so good.

Windows Phone 7 - received my LG E900

Yesterday I received my first Windows Phone 7: the LG E900.
First thing I did was charge the battery.
Then remove my SIM card from my old mobile phone and put it in the LG.
worked immediately to read Text messages, but found little or no contacts from my SIM card, those that were on there did not even contain their phone number.