Monday, December 26, 2011

Lightswitch Belgian phone number format

Wikipedia article about telephone numbers in Belgium

  • Country code: +32
  • International call prefix: 00
  • Trunk prefix: 0
A telephone number in Belgium is a sequence of nine or ten digits dialed on a telephone to make a call on the Belgian telephone network. Belgium is under a closed telephone numbering plan, but retains the trunk code, '0', for all national dialling.

  0x xxx xx xx - dialing a bigger city, such as Brussels, Antwerp, or Liège
 0xx  xx xx xx - dialing a smaller city, such as Ypres or Mons
04xx  xx xx xx - dialing a mobile number from a land line or another mobile phone.

Translated to a phone number format for Lightswith Phone number data:
0x xxx xx xx bigger city

  • With Country code CC(A)NNN-NN-NN - example 32 2 453 45 45 or 32(2)453 45 45
  • without country code AA-NNN-NN-NN -  example (02)453 45 45 or 02 453 45 45 or 02/453 45 45 or 02/453.45.45
    • without spaces AANNNNNNN - example 024534545

0xx xx xx xx smaller city

  • with country code CC(AA)NN-NN-NN -  example 32(56)35 26 48 or 32-56-35 26 48
  • without country code AAA-NN-NN-NN - example 057 24 57 86 or 056/25.35.24
    • without spaces -> see bigger city without spaces
04xx xx xx xx mobile

  • with country code  CC(AAA)NN-NN-NN -  example 32 476 34 24 53 32(476)34 24 53
  • without country code (AAAA)NN NN NN -  example 0476/34 24 68
    • without country code, without spaces AAAANNNNNN- example  0476352468

Sunday, December 18, 2011

SSRS setup for internal use on SBS 2008 - easy to connect for windows users

I wanted to create some reports based on SQL server running on SBS 2008. The SSRS reporting services had been setup once before to run under Sharepoint, but this had never been used before, so I tried to get rid of this, but wound up with a reporting services site that kept using https to connectn, it was not obvious to users (to me neither). When browsing to the pages they had to enter their windows account name and password, sometimes 2x. Finally I got rid of it by fixing 2 things: 1. in Reporting Services Configuration Manager - connect to the server - under 'Web Service url' - Web service certificate - click on the 'Advanced...' button. - under 'Multiple SSL identities' - remove the identities 2. Edit rsreportserver.config - in the 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10.\Reporting Services\ReportServer' folder - edit the rsreportserver.config file - change the key SecureConnectionLevel to 0 - stop and start the reporting service with the configuration manager That gave the sbs windows users immediate access to the reports in the reportserver.