Thursday, May 31, 2012

No cubes can be found

Using VS2008 to create a new dataset in a reporting services project, based on a SSAS cube. The query designer responds with the error message: ‘No cubes can be found’

From this this article on Microsoft connect

“After connecting to SSAS in SQL Server Management Studio and attempting to browse a cube, the cube browser doesn't show any cubes. Attempting to open a dataset that uses an MDX query in Reporting Services results in the following error:
No cubes can be found“

“This was caused by the cube Visible property being set to False but what flips this property from True to False is unknown.“

Although the Visible property was set to true in Visual Studio 2008, I have had to explicitly reset it to True and then redeploy the cube. After that I could create a shared dataset based on this cube.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I had seen the solution of changing the visibility before but it didn't work; it wasn't until I read your post that I was able to fix it by re-selecting what was already selected. What a tricky thing!
Thanks again