Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First time installation of SSDT for VS2012– sep 2012 update

Prerequisites: PC with Visual Studio 2010 with SP1.

Download SSDT setup from MSDN SQL Server Data Tools

After download has finished run SSDTSetup.exe


This takes a long while, , VS2010 starts (did I start this accidentally while doing other work or was it the installer?) Minimizing the installer window works, but maximizing again does not work; although it still seems to be active.

Result: An important prerequisite is the installation of SQL 2012 Standard or higher and not mentioned by the site. SQL Express is not sufficient.

since none of my customers are using SQL 2012 I did not install it either. To be continued.

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Yann said...

You can install SSDT as one of the components selected in SQL Server 2012 setup (instead of using the stand-alone installation program). You don't need to install a Database Engine instance this way.

Using the "Installed SQL Server Features discovery report" (found in the Tools menu of SQL Server setup), I've just confirmed I have no 2012 DB Engine instance installed.

I do have the LocalDB feature that VS 2012 installed, so I don't know if it's using that, but I think not. SSDT 2012 is based on VS 2010, & either installs a VS 2010 isolated shell, or integrates into the VS 2010 instance if it finds one.

It has no specific need for any particular database instance, that I know of.