Saturday, November 10, 2012

LightSwitch 2011 out of browser app shows completely blank screen after installation


After a migration of a LightSwitch application with XtraReports to a new web server with Windows 2008 and IIS 7, and after installation of the out of browser application on the clients, the app starts up with a blank screen. No menus or status bar is shown at all.


Some kind of error must have happened, but no indication at all of what happened. I have read about the blank screen in fora on the internet: it involves setting the basic authentication to false. So I tried to follow the advice, but in the IIS manager for the LightSwitch website there was not even Basic authentication under the authentication options.

  • Basic authentication is not installed on the web server:
    • On the 2008 server, run Server Manager
    • Select Roles / Web Server (IIS), in the Role services pane, add the Basic Authentication role, (along with Windows Authentication)
    • image
  • Restart IIS Manager, select the LightSwitch web site
    • select Authentication, verify that the Basic Authentication is disabled
    • image

After setting Basic Authentication and stopping and starting the web server, I started the client app again, and this time I was shown a Silverlight dialog box with an error message: ‘Could not load file or assembly DevExpress.Xpf.V11.1.LightSwitch.Common.dll…’

To solve the real problem I had to manually copy this file from my development machine to the server under …Inetpub\wwwroot\Myapp\bin

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