Monday, December 03, 2012

View a SQL Server Reporting Services Report in LightSwitch

Sql server Reporting Services report

This article on MSDN gives a rudimentary but working solution on how to view a SQL Server Reporting Services Report in LightSwitch. The solution works for both Lightswitch apps: web app or desktop app.


Yann Duran wrote an interesting article: Add a Web Page URL to LightSwitch's Navigation Menu


Yann Duran said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the link to the article. I hope that people reading your blog find it helpful.

Jan D'Hondt said...

Hi Yann, I mainly blog for myself. Here is the scenario: within 6 months I will need this piece of code again, but will not be able to find it immediately, so I blog it. I could have tattooed it as in the movie 'Clean slate', but that hurts too much.