Thursday, May 08, 2014

Odata service with EF 6 and WCF services 5.6 fails with Request Error


I tried to follow a few more examples about building OData services with Visual Studio 2013, Entity Framework 6 and WCF Services 5.6, but when I tried to browse the Wcf (OData) service from VS 2013, it starts IE wiith an error message:

“Request Error. The server encountered an error processing the request. See server logs for more details.”


I tried various combinations, but to no avail (I even used another development system to try in case my development environment was botched up).


Eventually I found an anwser in foru, by Kourosh.

“it seems the entity framework 6 and wcf data services 5.6 , need some provider to work together. you can download the provider simply by using nuget package console manager :

Install-Package Microsoft.OData.EntityFrameworkProvider -Pre

it’s version is alpha 2, so in future, search for final release. it worked for me however.

final thing is instead of DataService, you need to use EntityFrameworkDataService. T is the name of your entities.”

Thank you Kourosh. Now my OData service with EF 6 and WCF data services 5.6 works!


Step 1: install the package

Step 2: edit the WCF webservice c sharp code and replace DataService with EntityFrameworkDataService.

using System.Data.Services.Providers;
namespace DataAccessMydata
    public class ODataMydata : EntityFrameworkDataService<MydataContext>


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