Sunday, March 25, 2012

LightSwitch reporting, first test of XtraReports

Today I will evaluate the XtraReports for LightSwitch reporting extension.

Installation of XtraReports and very 1st use

  • Downloaded evaluation version from DevExpress
  • After downloading 136 MB (with XtraReports evaluation and Some free controls). The download file was called “DXComponentsLightSwitch-11.1.9.exe”
  • Ran the executable and installed both XtraReports and the free devexpress controls.
  • After installation I followed Lesson1 on the devexpress site
    • You need a SQL server with the Northwind sample database for this lesson. Luckily I had one available already.
    • Following the lesson was easy and worked as explained. Congrats to Developer Express!

Deployment of XtraReports

  • Read the instructions from XtraReports LS Deployment and was flabbergasted ??? It is quite the opposite of the lesson I used in the very 1st use. Here there was a dry summary of files composed by the lawyers.
  • Let’s assume that this version of XtraReports is setup to that deployment does not need any tweaks.
  • I use the project in previous chapter to deploy on a server on which I already have a working LightSwitch app. So if deployment problems arise with this project, it can’t be the web server.
  • To Publish the project I noticed one dubious question in the Publish application wizard under Other Connections. What connection should I enter for the XtraReports WCF RIA service?. In the devexpress forums I found connection string for IIS7
  • I entered XtraReportsServiceData as advised.
  • image
  • Aftter signing with the same certificate as the other working app, I started the deployment.
  • image
  • Deployment was done successfully, the site ‘XtraReportDeployTest’ was created (same name as my LightSwitch project)
  • On a client pc on the same LAN, use IE to browse to this new site
  • image
  • Click on install button.
  • after installation , application started and the screen with the report was displayed. It WORKS.


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